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Green Guide V1.0 Public Comment Period


The Green Guide for Health Care recognizes the value that accrues from engaging the broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders in evolving our Green Guide tools.  During our first Public Comment period, from December 1, 2003 to February 29, 2004, over 900 people downloaded the Green Guide.  More than 70 people submitted comments, totaling more than 1200 unique entries.  The comments received were broad reaching and constructive, ranging from probing critiques to enthusiastic endorsement.  The Green Guide Steering Committee worked diligently to address the comments yielding a markedly improved Version 2.0 Green Guide.

The following is a list of Green Guide v1.0 commenters who granted permission to publish their names.  We list their names to acknowledge their contribution of ideas and efforts to the process. Listing here does not imply endorsement of the Green Guide for Health Care by these individuals or their employers.

  • Kai Abelkis, Boulder Community Hospital
  • Carol Antle, Kaiser Permanente
  • Stephen Ashkin, The Ashkin Group
  • Phil Bailey
  • David Bearg, PE
  • Kenneth Bland, American Forest & Paper Association
  • Henning Bloech, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
  • Elizabeth Churchill, Barb Ohlsen and Bethany Meisinger-Reiff, Marshall Erdman & Associates, Inc.
  • Christie Coffin, The Design Partnership
  • Raj Daswani, Ove Arup
  • William Dietrich, York
  • Martine Dion, Symmes Maini & McKee
  • Jeanne Erickson, HKS, Inc.
  • Denise Fong, Candela
  • Courtney France, Architectural Energy Corporation
  • David Gibney, HDR Inc.
  • David Gordon, SafeSource, LLC
  • Alan Harbert, White Construction Company
  • Melissa Haunson, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
  • Janice Homer, RN
  • John Kreidich, McCarthy Building Companies
  • Mary Lamielle, National Center for Environmental Health Strategies
  • Dera-Jill Lamontagne
  • Gail Lee, Mills-Peninsula Health Services
  • Brian Leet, Astorino
  • Stephen Martin, Jacobs
  • Orlando Maione
  • Jeff May, May Indoor Air Investigations LLC
  • Ann McCampbell, MD
  • Blair McCarry, Keen Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Larry Moot, PC&A
  • Shawn Murray, CTA Engineers
  • William Pearson, Chong Partners Architecture
  • Lynn Preston, C&A Floorcoverings
  • Sharon Refvem, Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects
  • Phillip Risner, Seton Network Facilities
  • John Roberts, IES Engineers
  • Nick Stark and Ellen Godson, H.H. Angus & Associates
  • Jessica Stuart, Chlorine Chemistry Council
  • Patrice Sutton, California Department of Health Services
  • Peter Syrett AIA, Guenther 5 Architects
  • Kirk Teske, HKS, Inc.
  • Mark West, Earl Swensson Associates
  • Ronald Wilkinson, Dome-Tech Commissioning Services
  • Pier-George Zanoni, State of Michigan Dept of Community Health Facilities
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