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Pilot FAQs/Summary Information


  • Who is eligible to be a Green Guide Operations Pilot project?
    Each Pilot refers to a built healthcare facility. The Pilot project team can include architects, engineers, employees, consultants, care providers, and others — up to 15 members total.
  • If I am not a hospital, can I still participate in the Green Guide Operations Pilot project?
    Yes. If you are part of a team involved with hospital operations, and your hospital agrees to be a Pilot project, then you may participate in the Pilot. Create a team!
  • Does sending in the Expression of Interest form commit me or my facility to the year-long Pilot?
    No. This form allows the Green Guide Operations Pilot core team to select a representative group of participants, based on diversity in geographic location, facility size, type, and selected credit sections within the v2 Green Guide Revised Operations section.
  • Does my hospital facility have to pursue credits in ALL sections of the Green Guide Operations to be eligible for Pilot participation?
    No.  We recognize that some hospitals will prefer to focus on one or more areas of the Green Guide Operations. By design, the Operations Pilot allows you to select and shift amongst your areas of interest during the course of the one-year Pilot.
  • How will a hospital (or team members) participate during the Operations Pilot?
    Each facility will complete the initial online Operations Checklist to establish a baseline, identify Green Operations goals, and report back periodic progress in achieving those goals. Pilots will be expected to participate in regular teleconferences and opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing of best practices, access to industry experts, and aggregated performance data summaries.  This information will be available to all team members.
  • What is the fee to participate in this Pilot, and are any discounts available?
    Each participating Pilot facility will pay a one-time registration fee of USD$750. The fee can be shared among the team members. A limited number of scholarships will also be available for qualified pilots. Practice Greenhealth hospital members are eligible for a 20% discounted fee of USD$600.
  • What is the Green Guide 2010 Operations Pilot Project process and estimated timeline?
    The one-year Pilot will be launched in second quarter 2010 and Pilot activities will continue through 2011.
  • What if I have additional questions about the Operations Pilot program?
    Contact Ms. Kumkum Dilwali, the 2010 Operations Pilot Project Manager at
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