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About Project Registration


photoStep 1: Project Description

You will be asked first to briefly describe the project and the primary firms working on it.

Step 2: Credit Checklist Survey

You will also be asked to give a first preliminary assessment of which credits you anticipate attempting to achieve using the following indicators:

  • “Y” (yes) you are moderately confident that you can attain the credit.
  • “?” (maybe) it will be challenging for this project and you are uncertain of your ability to attain it but you will try.
  • “N” (no) while technically possible, you currently don’t expect to try to achieve this credit in this project due to cost or other tradeoffs with project goals.
  • “NA”(not applicable) it is inherently physically unattainable for this particular project regardless of effort due to physical conditions or project scope, such as for a project not on a brownfield site (Credits SS 3.1 & 3.2), or where no portions of an existing building are part of the project (MR Credits 1.1–1.3), or if there are no facilities for inpatients (EQ Credit 8.1, points 4 and 5), or for a scope only covering interior renovation (SS Credit 7.1 & 2)

This is a non-binding survey designed to help us understand the assumptions teams are starting with in the process. We understand that you may be in a very preliminary stage of evaluating which credits you can pursue and that this assessment is likely to change during the course of the project. Click the following links to print out the checklist for the Green Guide Design & Construction section and the Green Guide Operations section to assist you in preparing for project registration.

Step 3: Invite Members to the Forum

Once you have completed project registration, you will have access to the online Forum, where you can invite additional members of your project team. A maximum of 15 persons per project may participate in the Green Guide Forum. Participants are limited to project team members, or individuals from other design or construction firms, facility planners, or managers from the project’s health care organization.

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