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Food Service


By adopting healthy food purchasing policies, health care organizations are demonstrating a commitment to “first, do no harm” and treating food and its production and distribution as preventive medicine that protects the health of patients, staff, and communities.

Sign the Healthy Food Pledge!

Health care facilities can simply download the Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge (pdf) and follow the instructions. Visit the Health Care Without Harm website for other immediate actions and to join their Food Listserve.

Take the Balanced Menus Challenge!

Commit to a 20 percent reduction in meat and poultry purchases over 12 months.

Related Organizations

Health Care Without Harm

Assisting hospitals in developing and adopting healthier food policies, organizing farmers markets, procuring local and organic food as well as anti-biotic and hormone free agricultural products. They host an active listserve and issue quarterly newsletters. They also organize FoodMed, a conference dedicated to healthy food in healthcare.

Prevention Institute

Working on several projects highlighting the different ways that the environment affects health, including the connection between sustainable agriculture and public health, improving community and school environments to encourage healthier eating and more physical activity, and how the built environment impacts health disparities in low-income neighborhoods.


Cultivating Common Ground: Linking Health and Sustainable Agriculture

cultivatingThe Prevention Institute

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: Food Service Credit Technical Briefing (2008)

16 pp. Health Care Without Harm. This technical brief covers the Food Service credits in the Green Guide, offering background, resources and case studies of hospitals engaged in transforming their food service programs.

Healthcare Design, June 2006

Healthy Food in Healthcare, by Stacy Malkin
&tier=4&id=D1FBA16722B248DEA1CF5E512564E5D3, July 8, 2009

Health on the hospital menu: Forget bland and fattening; organic and nutritious are new food service staples, by Anya Martin

Nutrition and Food Production Systems: A Role for Health Care Institutions

A policy brief from the Science and Environmental Health Network that outlines the case for health care organizations’ involvement in food production systems. Specific concerns addressed include antibiotic resistance, foodborne illness, and environmental health.

Onearth, May, 2009

Hospitals Helping to Build a Healthy Food System and Global Health, by Jamie Harvie PE

Redefining Healthy Food: An Ecological Approach to Food Production, Distribution, and Procurement (2006)

healthyfoodJamie Harvie PE. 27 pp. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Center for Health Design and Health Care Without Harm.

Time Magazine, May 15, 2006

Healthier Hospital Food, by Margot Roosevelt,9171,1194018,00.html

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